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Packaged Treatment Plant

With a view to provide residential and commercial complexes with good quality recycle plants that are containerized and available off-shelf, EPL has started manufacture of Prefabricated Package Plants. These would be able to provide recycle quality of water (BOD less than 5 ppm, typical values being 2.5 to 5 ppm) consistently as these plants are backed by technologies that are the best available in the world.

This is possible by adopting the best technologies available and combining experience of over 3 decades to provide a plant that performs consistently.

For compact small plants, we provide MBBR / CFIC with design and media from the inventors of MBBR technology from Norway.

Salient Features

  • Treatment and Recycle of sewage with optional Nutrient (N & P) removal. Guaranteed BOD less than 10 ppm. typical BOD values 2.5 to 5 ppm and Turbidity 0.5 to 1.0 NTU.
  • Compact – The amount of biomass within a given volume can be doubled and size halved. Skid Mounted or Trailer Configuration – to suit the site condition.
  • Ease of operation – virtually maintenance free – “plug and play”.
  • Essentially DO levels and pH control are the only controls needed for the system.
  • For retrofits – existing tanks can be used to increase capacity.
  • Highly efficient biofilm – self-regulating biofilm ensures stable treatment under variable loads.
  • Stable process – Toxic upsets and hydraulic ‘washout’ events never affect the entire microbial population in the biofilm, thus process recovery is fast & smooth.
  • Eliminate sludge return – No sludge return and no clogging and no process controls.
  • Operates under high level of fats & oil generated from Hotels etc.
  • Durable – Heavy duty carriers have a life expectancy that can exceed 25 years, except the parts that get worn out such as blower spares, pump spares etc.
  • Cost-Effective, Pre-assembled and Factory tested.
  • By virtue of having established and operated of various technologies available in the world and its suitability to Indian conditions.
  • Incorporates the best technologies available in the world, which is rugged and could be operated by personnel who does not have any special knowledge or training.
  • The package plants established have been treating wastewater successfully and consistently since the last 6 years giving treated water quality having turbidity of 0.3 to 0.5 NTU without odor or color, making it indistinguishable from bottled drinking water.


  • Commercial complexes & Hotels
  • Residential colonies
  • ETP for Small Industrial establishments.
  • Construction sites and temporary facilities which could be easily relocated.