Conceptualise scheme for Design, construction and operation of flagship Namami Gange programme under Hybrid Annuity model.

The scope of work involved design of interception weir to intercept the raw sewage flowing into the river Ganga, Screening and pumping of sewage from the MPS to proposed STP located at a distance of 6 KM away from the MPS. The treated sewage was to be disposed- off by a 5.5 Km pipe to the river Ganges, with a provision to distribute it to farmers for irrigation. Approvals from IIT for process was also part of the scope of work.

The PMC for the project was M/s. Mahindra Consulting Engineers Limited.

The technology adopted for treatment was Primary treatment including screening and grit removal followed by biological treatment using Sequential Batch Reactor Technology. The biologically treated waste water was then disinfected and pumped to an overhead reservoir for final disposal.

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