Indorama is operating a natural gas-based production complex consisting of a fertilizer plant (IFL) and a petrochemical plant (IPL) at Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The task was to conduct Treatability study of Spent caustic stream from OSBL and Wet Air oxidation stripper outlet followed by Engineering and Procurement assistance. It also includes Engineering and procurement assistance work to be done for existing treatment facility to run the plant at its optimum level.

Various process modifications and design like for:

  • Proper operation of Wet Air Oxidation:- New process unit to hold Off-spec WAO treated effluent (Off Spec Tank) and new process units for monitoring Inlet and outlet of WAO system was provided (Sampling Basin).
  • PH control of Wet Air Oxidation treated effluent:-   A CSTR system was designed for continuous effluent Neutralization.
  • Proper Operation of Dissolved Air Floatation:-  A fully automated dilute acid dosing system for preparation and supply 15% dilute acid to Dissolved air floatation unit was provided to ease the process treatment. Replacement of existing Alum and Polyelectrolyte dosing system for the same unit.
  • Refurbishment of sludge handling system
  • Modification at Aeration tank to prevent tripping of aerator.
  • Modification of Aeration tank to cater to excess sewage flow.